Medical School

Faculty of Dental Technology

in Płock and Zgierz


The Study of Dental Techniques in Płock is one of the first non-public, specialist post-secondary schools in the region with the rights of a public school since 1981.

 Medical College in Zgierz has been operating since 1992.

Our goal is primarily to train practical professional skills as well as to ensure the acquisition of comprehensive theoretical knowledge. We also give you the opportunity to work with patients in our dental office.

Classes are held in laboratories equipped with modern equipment.

Our Staff is made up of qualified teachers with extensive knowledge and extensive professional experience.

We offer education in small groups and individual classes. Science lasts 2.5 years in full-time and part-time.

We organize courses and trainings in which participation is confirmed by certificates, including with the latest CAD / CAM technology.


A graduate after finishing our school receives:

  • diploma of dental technician recognized in the EU,
  • Europass supplement
  • post-secondary school-leaving certificate.


Completing our school allows you to continue your education, start working in the country and abroad and run your own business.

Dental Technology College cooperates with many companies that are the pioneers of the dental market:

NATRODENT – an international company offering prosthetic materials, services, training, courses and solutions in the field of the latest technologies. The area of ​​the company’s operations is the entire country, Germany, Israel and Eastern European Countries. NATRODENT introduces, on the Polish market, 3D technology with application for dentistry, orthodontics and dental prosthetics. Thanks to this, our school offers students the latest solutions and practice in the field of the latest technology.

HOLTRADE – this company made its first steps in Italy. He has been with us in Poland for 23 years, he is looking for new solutions in the field of technology as well as educational activities in the form of an Education Center for dentists and dental technicians. We focus on creating efficient teams of dentist-dental technician. Thanks to interesting and professional training for doctors and technicians, the candidate can deepen his knowledge on various levels, which gives the opportunity to create a harmonious and efficient team.

ZHERMAPOL – the company conducts research, which revolutionizes the dental market and introduces new technologies. It provides products, solutions and services of the highest quality, both for dentists and for dental technicians. Zhermapol is a leader in the field of dentistry, which is an advantage for employees, business partners and the public.